Bob’s Card has been a part of thoroughbred racing
for well over 100 years!

Bob’s Card simulcast selections are now stronger than ever. Our Southern California connections of clockers, trainers and behind the scenes people “in the know” has never been better.  We have contracts worked out to receive information from on-track clockers here at Santa Anita as well as at Belmont Park, Churchill Downs, Gulfstream Park, Keeneland and Saratoga.  When you see any of these race tracks on the Bob’s Card you are receiving information that is highly confident, and not just “form handicapping”.

In handicapping the races, you can separate wagering into three categories.

1) Wagering the favorite; those who should win and often do, but pay little.
2) Eliminating hoses that can’t win (throw-outs).

3) Then there are the hidden horses; whose abilities are not always obvious in the
racing form.  
These are the horses that Bob’s Card brings you!

We know there are a lot of handicapping options  available to race fans.  When you spend $5 on a Bob’s Card, rest assured you are getting the confident information from professional clockers, trainers and our many years of experience.

Have a great day at the races!

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